This 6 gallon tank was originally set up for my wife to take to work. I set it up in our kitchen so that I could keep an eye out for any algae outbreaks, and to make sure the dosing routine worked. But after a month the tank started to grow on us and removing it from the kitchen became less and less of a priority. So now I have another tank in the house and will have to plan something else for my wife's office.

12.27.2005 Here's a shot of the DIY light box and AH Supply 2x13w CF kit.

And the finished hardscape…

The DIY acrylic light support…

Close up of the corner block anchor for the acrylic rod which supports the light...

12.29.2005 First planting. The substrate is gray Turface Pro League with a dusting of peat on the bottom. Plants are Eleocharis acicularis, and Hemianthus callitrichoides. The rocks are from Aqua Forest in San Francisco. Filtration is by a AquaClear 20 HOB filter.

The tank is dosed with Tropica Master Grow (pink pump bottle), an EI-based macro solution (blue pump bottle), and Flourish Excel (green pump bottle). I bought these bottles at a dollar store in San Francisco's Japan Center. They hold 600ml of solution and dispense 3ml per pump.

2.26.2006 The tank at two months…The occupants are a school of nine Hyphessobrycon callistus (Serpae Tetras), two Corydoras habrosus, and a lone Otocinclus.

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